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We donate 1 Tree for planting to our Partner PrimaKlima from each 100€ purchase!

Save money and act sustainably with our products!

We are the acknowledged carbon dioxide online shop, save energy costs, water consumption and fuel costs! We offer a range of products that save both money and resources of companies as well as private individuals. Become active and make your contribution to a more enviroment-conscious society.

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Erklärung CO2 Ausstoß

Laut IES (International Energy Agency) werden jährlich ca. 36,4 Milliarden Tonnen CO2 weltweit ausgestoßen. Das in Cancun 2010 gesetzte Ziel war, 32 Milliarden Tonnen nicht zu überschreiten.

Erklärung Geburtenzahl

Jedes Jahr werden 132 675 000 Kinder geboren, das sind 4 Geburten pro Sekunde weltweit. Hier sehen Sie den errechneten aktuellen Stand.

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The internet platform co2savings provides information on how you can contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions in different ways. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions in the fields of energy, electricity, heating, water, investment, mobility and recycling. We would like to help you to choose the right products if you want to act and buy sustainably. We select our products according to strict criteria. Due to constant development and improvement in all these areas, we do not claim to offer always the 'best' or most eco-friendly product, but certainly one of the best products.

Please choose from the topics and get some information on how you can live sustainably and save money at the same time - for a better future!